AllClip / Clip Photography Set (Lens Clip + Add-on Lens )

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 [ AllClip Product Description ]
*AllClip compatible with any smartphone with a width ranging from 58mm - 80mm (2.3" to 3.2").
Due to the differences in phone camera specifications, image result may vary.
*Please refer to the chart below for the compatibility of bitplay lens clip collection. 

AllClip - The Universal Lens Clip for Smartphones 
Professional Mobile Photography is only a Clip Away. 
The AllClip by bitplay is the first universal lens accessory on the market. By working seamlessly with both the front and back cameras of smartphones with a width ranging from 58mm - 80mm (2.3" to 3.2"), you can now augment your smartphone into a professional DSLR with bitplay's extensive series of proprietary lenses. Just clamp the AllClip onto your phone, attach a bitplay lens, and you are ready to shoot!

1. An Intuitive Sliding Mechanism for Perfect Alignment
The intuitive sliding design of the AllClip allows it to work seamlessly with most smartphones regardless of their camera position. Perfect alignment between your bitplay lens and your phone camera is ensured by design!
2. Easy and Unobstructed Operation
Your phone's screen is not blocked by bitplay's AllClip when used in conjunction with your smartphone’s rear camera. This means anyone can manually focus their shot on the fly, adjustment the image proportion, and operate multiple applications mid-shot. The AllClip offers clarity, and precision to each photo, effortlessly breeding results, and bringing the best mobile photography experience to you; the user. 


3. The Most Comprehensive Lenses in Mobile Photography 
bitplay has one of the most extensive collections of lenses for mobile photography on the market today, including 8 add-on lenses and 3 filter lenses. From the bestselling Premium HD Wide Angle Lens with 2 x widths used to capture twice as much ground, to the Premium HD Macro Lens used for capturing the finest details, unseen by standard mobile cameras, you can always raise your mobile photography experience to a next level of quality. With bitplay, go ahead and embrace the new frontier of mobile photography made easy, using our premium lenses and the all-new AllClip!

4. Multifunctional Clip Holder and Stand Included 
The AllClip comes with a clip holder that doubles as a kickstand for taking selfies or viewing sessions on your phone. The clip holder also has a built-in strap loop, allowing the user to carry your AllClip and your phone while conveniently strapped to a wrist or around your neck. The holder is a simple stand that helps you take selfies and group shot with ease.

5. Built with a Scratch Proof Material and Construction 
The outer surface of the AllClip is made with a durable and scratch-proof design. Combined with a soft, silicon inner linings the AllClip is a comprehensive tool for your smartphone, and delivers the best mobile photography experience.


[ CLIP / CLIP X Product Description ]
*CLIP is compatible with iPhone XR / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 6s Plus and SNAP! 8 / 7 phone case.
*CLIP X is compatible with iPhone X and SNAP! X phone case.

One CLIP Wonder
Clips on either the front or back camera of your iPhone, so you’re covered from landscapes to selfies. It also works with a SNAP! camera case for taking pictures from the front camera. With bitplay’s professional lenses, you’ll be taking better shots in no time.

1. Perfect Alignment.
CLIP fits securely into position with no divergence from iPhone’s camera angle. The engraved crosshair makes installation easy and precise. So the lens sits in proper alignment all the time.

2. Choose Your Lens
There’s a wide range of bitplay lenses to work with, from small and light to pro-level. There’s always the best lens for each of your special moments.

3. iPhone Friendly
The inner lining is made from soft silicone. This is to protect your iPhone against scratches and abrasion during everyday use. Engineered to be 100% iPhone friendly.



[ AllClip Technical Specifications ]
*Compatible with any smartphone with a width ranging from 58mm - 80mm (2.3" to 3.2").
*Due to the differences in phone camera specifications, image result may vary.
*When using the M52 Filter Lens with iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the corners of the image might be slightly darker due to wider camera angle of the new iPhones.

- Material: ABS Plastic 
- Dimension: 70mm (W) x 52 mm (H) x 20 mm (D)
- Weight: 28.5 g  

- Content:

  • AllClip x1
  • Clip Holder x1
  • Neck strap x1
  • Soft Carrying Bag x1
  • User Manual x1

[ CLIP Technical Specifications ]
*Compatible with iPhone XR / 8/ 8 Plus/ 7/ 7 Plus/ 6/ 6 Plus/ 6s Plus and SNAP! 8 /7 Camera case. 

- Material: ABS Plastic
- Dimension: 35mm(W) x 37mm(H) x 18mm(D)
- Weight: 10g  

- Content:

  • CLIP X x1
  • Soft Carrying Bag x1
  • User Manual x1

[ CLIP X Technical Specifications ]
*Compatible with iPhone X and SNAP! X Camera case.

- Material: ABS Plastic
- Dimension: 35mm(W) x 37mm(H) x 18mm(D)
- Weight: 10g  

- Content:

  • CLIP X x1
  • Soft Carrying Bag x1
  • User Manual x1

Designed in Taiwan


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