[ Pre-Order ] iPhone XR Photography Set (SNAP! Case + Premium HD Lens Series)

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*Compatible with iPhone XR.

*Phone Holder is sold separately. 
*SNAP! Grip is compatible with iPhone 4 / 5 / 6 / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 plus / Xs / Xs Max /XR, and a variety of Android smartphones that carry a width ranging from 58mm - 85mm.

[ Product Description ]

Through Simplicity Everything is Possible
The brand-new SNAP! Case collection comes with two new revolutionary changes: an ultra-lightweight body, and enhanced protection. The new SNAP! Case is not only stronger, but only weighing just over an ounce (35g)! Our SNAP! Case also works perfectly with our new add-on: the SNAP! Grip, a Bluetooth enabled shutter grip that adds a physical shutter button to the case and can be used as a remote control. SNAP! Case comes included with an ergonomics grip that adds comfort and convenience to every shot, bringing your mobile photography to a true professional level.

1. Ultra Slim, Ultra Light 
The SNAP! Case is 25% slimmer and 50% lighter than its predecessors. The SNAP! Case weighs just over an ounce (35g)! Through the incorporation of a beveled design, the SNAP! Case fits perfectly with a fully realized grip in the hands of its user.

2. Enhanced Protection
Despite being slimmer and lighter the SNAP! Case has doubled down on its protection. SNAP! Case is the first of the series to sport an "all-edges-covered" design. Its dual-layered construction ensures that your phone stays safe and secure in any situation. The tough, polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorber work harmoniously to absorb impacts, and prevent scratches with the perfect shot in mind. 

3. Complete Your Collection: Add-on Lenses Available Now! 
All of bitplay’s esteemed add-on lenses work with both of SNAP! Case’s dual lens mounts. bitplay offers one of the most extensive collections of lenses for mobile photography on the market today, including 8 add-on lenses and 3 filter lenses. From the bestselling Premium HD Lens Series and M52 Filters, to our standard Lens Collection for beginning enthusiast, bitplay offers the users a plethora of diversity for any shot requirement. 

4. Exchangeable Grips for Greater Flexibility 
SNAP! Case comes with a streamlined grip; carefully crafted for everyday use, and taking quick photos. With the Bluetooth enabled SNAP! Grip, (An all-new front-line Bluetooth shutter grip), available for SNAP! Case anyone can make holding your smartphone feel like a real camera.

The All-New SNAP! Grip 
SNAP! Grip is a Bluetooth-enabled shutter grip that fully recreates the feeling and experience of shooting with real camera with your smartphone. The ergonomic design of the grip enhances both usability for shots, and bring your mobile photography a few steps closer to the professional level. Our newly innovative grip lets you capture those niche moments with the addition of a few simple snaps.

1. A Widely Compatible Design, Suitable for Major Smartphones 
By using a clever clip-on design, SNAP! Grip is a tool compatible with a variety of smartphones that carry a width ranging from 58mm - 85mm and a depth up to 12.5mm, with or without cases. SNAP! Grip, also compatible with the latest SNAP! Case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR work in tandem to offer a truly memorable photography experience.

2. An Unbound Grip with Bluetooth Connectivity 
After its initial pairing, the SNAP! Grip will stay connected to your phone automatically every time you use it. The shutter button on the grip is sensitive, and highly reactive— always ready to take a quick shot. The SNAP! Grip works with your smartphone’s default camera app directly; no need to install additional apps. Composed with Bluetooth 4.1 power saving, the grip operates for over 6 months without changing the battery under normal condition. ( **Note: 200 snaps per day equates to 1 hour of connectivity )

3.  A Removable Remote Control
The shutter button of SNAP! Grip can be used separately as a remote controller when taking photos. With the maximum operating distance of up to 10 meters, taking selfies or group shots are made much easier with a modern, wireless touch.

4. Standard Tripod Compatible 
SNAP! Grip includes a standard tripod mount thread so your smartphone can work with a range of industry-standard peripherals and equipment. You can easily turn your phone into a professional camera or video recorder with SNAP! Grip, and your pre-existing camera equipment. 

[ SNAP! for iPhone XR Technical Specifications  ]

- Compatibility: iPhone XR
- Color: Black, Army Green, Khaki White
- Material: ABS+PC, TPU
- Dimensions: 15.6 x 8.1 x 1.6 cm
- Weight: 48g

- Contents:

  • SNAP! Case x 1
  • Streamlined Hand Grip x 1
  • Black Wrist Strap x 1
  • User Manual x 1

[ SNAP! Case for iPhone XR + SNAP! Grip Technical Specifications ]

* SNAP!手柄兼容列表 
- 智能手機支持藍牙4.0或更高版本。 
- 智能手機可以將音量增大按鈕定義為相機快門。

- 兼容性:  iPhone XR
- 顏色: 黑色,軍綠色,卡其色白色
- 材質:  ABS + PC,TPU
- 尺寸:  15.6 x 8.1 x 3.6 cm 
- 重量: 73.4  g

- 內容:

  • SNAP!案例x 1
  • SNAP!握把(包括快門遙控器)x1
  • 流線型手柄x 1
  • 黑色手腕帶x 1
  • 用戶手冊x 1
  • 螺絲刀x1
  • 軟便攜袋x1



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